10th Anniversary Ride & BBQ

Harley-Davidson Ride-Out; 10th Anniversary

We are very proud to anounce our 10th Ride & BBQ, as this is our 10th Anniversary !

To register for the Ride-out and BBQ please mailto info@disconnected.be and find out more on our Facebook page

Super Rally 2015, West London Harley Riders

We are also very proud to anounce the 2015 Super Rally which will be held in Lincolnshire, UK. By our Brothers and Sisters of the West London Harley Riders


Check for more info on their homepage: http://www.superrally2015england.com

Do not be scared , there are some ugly pictures in there !!!

Super Rally 2014 by H-DC Estonia

The Super Rally 2014 Will be held in Tainn , Estonia . Far away from our hometown of Antwerp. The 2014 Super Rally prommisses to be a very big event !

Special guests like Bill Davidson will be expected , as this is the 40th Anniversary of our Super Rally

The H-DC Antwerpen, Disconnected vzw wish all the crew of H-DC Estonia and President Per good luck with organizing the 2014 Super Rally

We Will Be There !!!

More info on http://www.superrally2014estonia.eu


The ‘Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europa’. Since the foundations of our club the target was to join this great organisation. But what is this organistion? First it’s a way to get to know other clubs and their events in Europe. Each club remains it’s own identity and is not dependant of an H-D Dealer! You go wherever you want! Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you’re an extremely big organisation of 10000 members or a smaller of 25, every club’s min task is to ride with the Harley-Davidson and visiting eachothers events, , ride-outs and party’s!